Deeply cleanses, purifies and controls existing breakouts. This pure and refining treatment allows cleansing deep down while soothing and healing lesions

1hr30min | €60

Eye Contour Treatment

Based on the latest advances in skin care to reduce wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles

30min | €25

Seaweed splash

An express ticket to clean and healthy skin

1hr | €50

4 Layers of goodness

Rejuvenate, tone and firm the skin dramatically with high levels of relaxation and immediate results

1hr30min | €70

Grape seed extract peeling from BioAttiva

A milder peeling facial for a more glowing and newer skin, can be done all year round with no downtime period

1hr | €55

VC-5 Lift

Specially designed to invigorate, lift and firm mature skin. Long term benefits to preserve elasticity, improves oxygenation to help prompt cell renewal

1hr | €60

Bio-Peeling by Neoderma

Peeling for acne scarred skin, deep wrinkles or pigmented skin. Very effective for problem skins with great results

1hr | €55

Miracle Fade

Mineral facial with glycol-sea peel. This revolutionary new treatment is a natural and effective method in your quest in achieving outstanding results without damaging the delated structure of the skin

1hr | €60

Red Out

With micro-silver and anti-oxidants for rosacea and hypersensitive skin

1hr | €60


Mesotherapy is a treatment involving very fine needles (disposed after each use) that are used to inject active ingredients to the dermis and hypodermis. This treatment is the ultimate in medical facials and improves ageing and sagging skin, skin-tightening, poor texture, pigmentation, acne scars and stretch marks.

face 1hr | €70
face + neck 1hr30min | €90

XLase Resurfacing Peel (for oily, dry or pigmented)

Laser treatment for the face in combination to Mandalic acid addressing both deep and superficial layers of the skin. This facial treatment is customised to treat different skin types accordingly with the use of specialised products including Concentrated Perflourocarbon, pure vitamin C, peptide volume serums and stem cell boosters.

1hr | €70

Bioact Lifting

A sterile mesococktail combined with the use of Diode laser and micro needling to enhance penetration using a med-aesthetic protocol.
Stimulates and revitalises the skin, enabling the treatment of wrinkled, tired, weakened and fragile skins, as well as sun-damaged or very dehydrated skin. This treatment is not invasive and permits treating an extensive area of skin. Associated with other techniques, it will not just prevent the effects of ageing but it will also treat them.

1hr30min | €90

Neolight Whitening

A unique and exclusive treatment ideal for pigmentation issues, age spots, sun burn marks and uneven skin colour. Another combination of Diode laser and micro needling to enhance deeper penetration of sterile Mesococktail into the skin and creating a multiplier effect for greater results. This can target pigmentation as laser energy is absorbed more intensely by cells containing excessive pigment.

1hr30min | €90


Removal of facial hair using just a cotton thread.

price on request

Lash and Brow Tint

Performed using SiennaX products.

30min | €15

Eye Lash Extensions

45min | €45


Nail Enhancements
Anything you need for your nails to look nicer, we do soak off gel polish for nice looking natural nails, extensions of the nails with either acrylic, gel, polygel or dipping systems. Simple nail art on one nail is offered for free with any service and any other nail art requests needs to be pre-booked with an additional charge of €10


We also do special nails for BRIDES, these are done using sculpture techniqes with 3D acrylic flowers and glass effect edges. Very special nails for the special occasion – by Elysia Farrugia. 3hrs | from €70


Both pedicures have an extra option of doing soak off gel polish finish instead of normal nail polish at an extra charge.

Carrabean Spa

Pedicure using CND cooling mask and scrub and finishing off with cucumber heel therapy massage cream

1hr | €35

Morgan Taylor Spa

Pedicure with a range of 4 ingredients to choose from: detoxifying, calming, energizing or reguvenating. Also including a soak, scrub, mask, and finishing lotion

1hrs | €35


Manicures will include normal polish application if requested, but if soak off gel polish or extensions are required it has to be booked in addition to this.
1hr30min | €35 (including gel polish)
1hr | €25 (including normal nail polish)

Morgan Taylor Spa

Manicure with a range of 4 ingredients to choose from: detoxifying, calming, energizing or reguvenating. Also including a soak, scrub, mask, and finishing lotion

1hr30min | €35

Almond Tart mani

Manicure with an almond scrub, masque and lotion from CND Solar manicure range

30min | €25


Spray Tanning

A mist of some concentration of DHA (natural sugar) sprayed on the skin  by the therapist, when the protein in the skin meets this DHA it will be stimulated to produce more melanin (the stuff that makes you go darker in summer), the same way the skin reacts in the sun ….but this is totally harmless plus we use SiennaX products which are made of natural ingredients.

30min | €25

Semi-permanent make-up

Using Iron-free and hypo allergenic pigments in a very hygienic set up

2hrs | €300
retouch 1hr | €120


Developed with safety in mind, Xlase is a new generation LASER platform that offers superior versatility for both cosmetic and medical procedures.


Xlase Plus represents the gold standard in the cosmetic laser market. Xlase procedure helps to remove hair, reduce wrinkles, treat scars* and improve overall skin texture, pigmentation and redness, with virtually no downtime.


Scar treatments are currently unavailable at La Houppette but will be in the near future

Laser Hair Removal

With Xlase Diode Laser hair removal you can remove your unwanted hair permanently. It is a painless with a cooling effect from the tip of the hand piece during the treatment. It is very effective for targeting all areas without missing any spot due to its hand piece efficacy.


Xlase Plus Laser Card – 250 euro ideal for medium & small areas, comprising of a total of 3 hours total treatment time divided in 15minute slots Xlase Premium Card – 399eur ideal for large, medium & small areas, comprising of a total of 6 hours total treatment time divided in 15minute slots.


Our packages are redeemed as per your requirements and you are not bound with fixed weeks when to do your next appointment. There’s no expiry date on cards so you can consume your time as required. Treatments are always personalised to achieve desired results and a free consultation is always performed prior to all treatments.

Rejuvenation facial treatments

Laser therapy for a tightening, anti-wrinkle effect can be incorporated with most facial treatments available at the salon.


Pigmentations in any areas are also very effectively treated with Diode laser and before and after photos will be updated in gallery.

Nd : Yag Laser treatment for Varicose Veins

Zap out those unsightly veins from legs, neck area and face. This treatment is also used for ear and nose hairs.

Nd : Yag Laser treatment for Fungal Nails

Before and after photos will be posted in the gallery.